Bio Block






non toxic to people and animals


Bio Block® products quickly kill pests upon direct contact while providing a residual repelling effect for pests for up to 30 days.  Eco Organic Blender™ quickly kills poison ivy and unwanted vegetation.

Bio Block® 16.9oz

Organic Home Pest Control $14.90




Eco Organic Blender™ 16.9oz

Herbicide and Poison Ivy Killer $14.90






Bio Block® 64oz Concentrate

Wood Insect Treatment $29.90


May kill plants and vegetation

Eco-Shield™ Insecticide 64oz

Organic Plant & Yard Spray $29.90


NON-Toxic To People and Animals

Bite Blocker® products with the newly EPA approved BioUD™ insect repellent is the most effective insect and tick repellent for protection against mosquito and tick borne diseases using the HOMS proprietary Soy-based formula.  See the BioUD introductory special on the left panel.

The only scientifically proven insect and pest control formulas based on naturally occurring plant compounds proven as effective as DEET and Pyrethroid products made from a patent pending blend of plant oils & derivatives.

Put up an organic block to pests this summer

 and also apply BITE BLOCKER on your skin  

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